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The Road Back West

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Chicago & Colorado


I guess I didn't realize just how far behind I was on this blog until I read my last post (and received some moderate prodding from friends and family to update this thing).

Needless to say we have covered a lot of ground since my last post.

As I write this entry we are all the way back on the West coast and continue to have a great time exploring new places and meeting interesting people along the way. But I seem to be getting ahead of myself.....

We arrived in Pittsburgh to attend the college graduation of our niece from Duquesne University and to see family and friends. We had a GREAT time there! The weather was just perfect and I was able to off load the motorcycle and get some time exploring the wonderful two lane roads in Western Pennsylvania with my brother in law. We took in a Pirates home game at PNC Park and had a great time.

When we left Pittsburgh we stopped in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and then up to Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. We then travelled to Chicago where we completed the clandestine operation to surprise Susie with the unexpected arrival of her daughter Kate from San Diego for Mother’s Day. We also went to see the play “Book of Mormon” at the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago. It was well done and very very funny.

From Chicago it was pretty much a straight line drive along Interstate 80 for Northern Colorado where we wanted to spend a few days to check out the area as a potential place to retire. We found the views of the Rocky Mountains breathtaking and the small towns of Loveland and Fort Collins charming and potentially a place we could live. Of course it was late May not late January but we had a good time.

Once we left Colorado we hopped back on I-80 and continued West toward Sacramento and then South to the Atwater / Merced area where the 16th annual giant scale radio controlled airplane meet is held every year. While I do not have room for any of my giant scale airplanes on the motor home, my friends from San Diego showed up with extra airplanes for me to fly. It was great to see those guys again and to get to fly models at such a wonderful venue.

Well that pretty much brings me to where we are now. We will spend about a week in the Sacramento and bay area’s attending my niece’s wedding and getting caught up with family and absorbing the local offerings.

Our current plans are to head North from here into Oregon and Washington and then into Alaska.

I want to say I will do these more often but I somehow seem to find a lot of things to consume my time even when I am not driving.
Well let’s get to some pictures of our trip………

This is a picture of the outside of PNC Park as we approached it to attend a Pirates baseball game. It is an amazing stadium and we were fortunate to have wonderful sunny weather for our visit.

This is the view of the city from the inside of the park. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city when the sun shines and they have done a great job of capturing the skyline of the city with this baseball park.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has been on my bucket list for some time. I was surprised how small it was. Not that I was disappointed but it just wasn't as grand as I had envisioned it.

In the early days of professional football players would be recruited to play for a team but for some reason they did not want to be known so they would were a helmet like this one on the left to hide their identity. The hard rubber nose guard on the left was frequently removed during the game and held in the hand to provide a harder fist to hit their opponent with.

This is a picture of the coolest hologram I have ever seen. The ring in the picture was a hologram but it looked very real. Amazing!

This was one of the marred and scratched helmets’ worn by Raider Left tackle Art Shell during his any years with the team.

This is me in front of the Hall of Fame. Another bucket list item checked off!

This is a picture of Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cleveland as we made our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This is Ray our mascot sitting on the sign to the Hall of Fame.

This sign is just outside the Hall of Fame and outlines the earliest beginnings of the term “Rock and Roll” and how it began at a local Ohio Radio station.

One of many tributes to Elvis in the Hall of Fame. We thought all of the exhibits were very well done!

These are the fur covered drums used by ZZ Top. Not sure but the fur might be their beard hair as they looked very much the same.

A very early picture of the Rolling Stones. Just one of many tributes to the band in the Hall.

When we arrived in Chicago we were starving for some good Chinese food so off to China town to get what we had been missing.

We went to Millennium Park to stroll around the grounds and look at “The Bean”. It is a chrome sculpture that provides very interesting reflections of the skyline and the building around it.

This odd picture was taken from beneath the bean which produced many multiple reflections resulting in the image you see here. Sort of like a house of mirrors.

This is Susan at a Chicago hot dog stand with a sign telling her she should not put ketchup on her hot dog. She didn’t listen 

Next we were off to the Loveland / Ft. Collins area of Northern Colorado.

This is a picture of wild Elk grazing right next to the parking lot we stopped at up at Estes Park just West of Loveland. There was a lot of cow Elk just about everywhere.

This is a photo of one vacant lot we looked at with a short range view of the golf course and a long range view of the Rocky Mountains to the West.

This was a picture we took on the drive somewhere in Utah.

This was a snap shot of the model airplanes my friends brought from San Diego to fly at the event in Atwater California. It was great to see them again.


That is about it for now. I will try to do this a bit more often in the future.

We always enjoy hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a message on the blog website or drop me an email directly at trainwater157@gmail.com

Take care
Tom & Susan……….at large

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